Today every Government Departments / Offices are getting digitized and computers are used for day-to-day activities.

The digital literacy program will enable the government officials to perform their daily activities confidently in a digital world.

Making ready any official documents would be much easier with the help of word processing tools. You may enrich these documents with tabular column data at a button click. Sending circular or mailers to multiple recipients can be done quicker with help of mail merger.

Report preparation is one of the tedious tasks in any office. But tools such as Spreadsheets will make those report preparations a cake walk. Representing any report in a pictorial format will be understandable than any common numerical data. This can be achieved at a click of a mouse button.

Communications through email, searching or surfing various government websites will be common in any government offices or departments. The digital literacy program will enable to working with internet making you a complete digital literate.